Simply us and a Bus


Aaron & Philan Tokarz

Driving north from Key West, I spotted a vivid blue school bus and as I neared, humans of all sizes were on the roof top deck, lashing down boats of all colors. Foolishly, I pressed on, tooting my horn, leaving Key West behind in search of a beach in solace. Almost two months later, the opposite version of this story was told to me by Aaron Tokarz as we swapped bus war stories the first night of the United Tiny Living Festival in Macon, Georgia. Over the next three days, are families united together seamlessly and on our final day together we recorded this podcast.

Aaron and Philan were motivated and sought a substantial change in their lives and when she brought up the idea of a school bus, they had one parked in their backyard within a couple weeks. This is kind of how they roll, and now they roll full time as a family of five on board a beautiful International flat-nose 30’ School Bus. They have been following the unschooling philosophy for the first year on the road, letting each of their kids practice self-directed learning. In three short days, we saw each of their personalities come alive through a multitude of situations at the tiny house festival.

In this episode we cover the reasons why they left their home of Rockford, Illinois, the immediate challenges of life on the road, unschooling, relationship challenges and why their life on the road is exactly what their family needed at that moment. Follow the SimplyUsAndABus story on Instagram or Youtube.