Experiences define our tolerance of risk.

Boundaries sit waiting to be tested, seeking respect and understanding.  

The odyssey of life leads us to the center of what is.  

Confidence is found in navigating the unknown.

Great heights require intestinal fortitude and compassion.

In every failure there is success and vice versa.

We live to discover this.

We find truth through engaged action.

We remain present to confront challenges as opportunities.

Our time is made to inspire.

Collaborate with us to discover.


We are a lifestyle production studio on a mission from Maine to Argentina.



Colin Boyd and Sofia Aldinio (we) are partners who met and lived in New Zealand but are from North and South America, specifically the state of Maine and Buenos Aires, Argentina. We settled in Portland, Maine for the last four years where Colin moved on from an international snowboarding career and into experiential and video production and Sofi established herself as an independent photographer and videographer. Along the way, our family grew beyond just our kiwi-dog Lola, and now, our two lads have been and are our inspiration to push our limits and create new space for possibility.

Our Mission

In 2018 we decided to make some substantial lifestyle changes to embody a vision more connected to our values. We bought our dream wagon: a 1978 Mercedes 508D German Fire Truck, now known as Orange Crush. Following a 5,000 km test drive around Maine and Nova Scotia, Colin made the decision to leave his position as a creative agency producer to launch Afuera Vida in collaboration with Sofi. We are now investing our energy into this project, launching the Moment Exchange platform as well as building out our lifestyle production studio and home for our journey from the state of Maine down to the southeastern tip of Argentina.


  • The impact of adventure profoundly altered the course of our lives and we seek to share this experience with our kids.

  • As a multi-cultural family we are committed to sharing both our language and our culture with our kids.

  • After losing identity in our many parental transitions, we felt inspired to take on a substantial challenge to better ourselves and also as a way to (hopefully) inspire others.

  • Understanding that while parenting requires a change in priorities (for the better), we did not have to change our lifestyle.

  • When everything feels too comfortable - it’s time for considerable change.

  • Por que no?

508D Studio

The 1978 Mercedes 508D Fire Communications Lead (Einsatz Leitung) will function both as a home and as our lifestyle production studio for our projects. If you have a penchant for #vanlife, are curious about our build out or want to follow our journey - do stay tuned into the journal or @AfueraVida on instagram.


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