Homeschooling in French with Stay-At-Home Dad, Gavin Noble


Gavin Noble

Gavin Noble is the kind of guy that will send you a message on Instagram after seeing your van driving through Alachua County, Florida, the place he and his family call home. This is how we connected with Gavin and both his sincerity and openness from the outset drew us into the retreat he is shaping for his family.

As a stay-at-home dad, Gavin already doesn't fit in with the way our society expects him to. Yet seeing him in his element carving flutes out of bamboo, towing a wagon of kids picking citrus from  the neighbors or just conversing with his children in French, he seems to be doing exactly what he is meant to do - be a kick ass dad. With chickens running around the food forest he's creating from the earth up, Gavin is a true renaissance man that is the redefinition of masculinity in this day and age.

In this episode we'll cover how Gavin and his wife Beth arrived in Alachua County and how they've set up a lifestyle that values time together over financial gain and how they are building the life they want to live.