We are your target demographic.

We are those former ski-bums, athletes and international vagabonds.

Yet, we are also your ambassadors, collaborators

talent, photographers, videographers and producers.

we understand what your brand is

and what it means

not just to you, but to all of your stakeholders.

as partners, dreamers, doers and co-conspirators

Affuera Vida is invested in your vision.

Work with us and discover why.


Why believe in us ?


We fucking care about the work we produce.

We consciously consider our words and stand by them.

Having one passport wasn’t enough - so we have five between the two of us and rights to more.

We set exotic goals in foreign lands and achieve them.

We believe that telling stories inspires change.

We can, have and will produce shoots with children strapped to our chests and backs and the work will not suffer.

Our confidence is derived from our experiences.

We know what it takes to be prepared sitting in the start gate of the World Extremes.

We are comfortable working with million dollar budgets or on not much more than a shoe string.

We won’t stop until it’s done right.


We capture authentic stories of humans, organizations & brands connected to the outdoors through the form of audio, video and photo content.


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Our nimble and mobile studio offers location, talent, photo, video and experiential production all wrapped into one day rate. Hire us to create assets on behalf of your brand that can be completely independent to our projects or connected to them. We’ve worked with agencies, at agencies, for international brands and we won’t stop until we get it done - right.


We are about to embark on a 12-month + inter-continental overland mission focused on building relationships with humans, organizations and brands connected to the outdoors. If you have an interest in having a high energy family as part of your brand’s mission, we are interested in creating a strategic partnership where we can add value.


The Moment Exchange platform will be our primary source of advertising opportunities. We are currently curating partners who want to get in at the ground level with an integrated approach to an engaged and growing audience focused on outdoor family content and experiences. Opportunities will include podcast, social, digital, newsletter, product placement and featured blog posts. Custom packages offered.


Work that we are proud of






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