SEASON 2 | Alternative Urban Families | Teaser


Season 2 | Alternative Urban Families


When we set out to produce this podcast, we wanted to be very careful so as to not solely highlight those who have just wildly alternative lifestyles. We wanted a season early on that was close to what many of us live; a 9-5 (ish) lifestyle, a long term career, school and community - while creating the rules of life we desire to live by. In this season we have five families who have done and are doing this in their lifestyle. From living in a school bus in New York City as a family of four, to balancing full time career and education while raising three kids and how and WHY to take a break from it all to rediscover what’s important. Our guests are all similar in that they or have lived in some of the largest cities in the world, but with stories from Germany, Australia, Argentina and the states, we have a lot of diversity. Tune in next week for episode one of Alternative Urban Families.

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