Outdoor experiences that defined the childhoods’ of former generations seem to be increasingly more difficult to access.

Maybe it’s globalisation, or the technological revolution, or our fast paced culture, or an addiction to screens, or the privatisation of public lands, or the cost of entry, or maybe it’s simply that the outdoor traditions of the past have been lost in translation.

Whatever the challenges are, from our perspective, we can see that many kids are lost, parents are overworked and little time is dedicated to meaningful outdoor experiences. And even if we create the time for it, many parents don’t have the experience, nor know where to begin to tackle the challenge as a family.


After realizing that we were succumbing to the pressures around us and losing connection with the outdoors, we created the instagram handle Moment Exchange as a path to break out of the conventional life we had built and connect with other families who were challenging the status quo by taking bold steps to define a lifestyle that suited them.

We realized quickly that life as a family was very different than life as an individual or a couple and we had to re-learn and discover how to go skiing together, how to spend a day in the mountains, what was fun and what just wasn’t. I suppose this is just par for the course for parenting, but in our online interactions with other families, we could feel a groundswell of energy moving to these alternative lifestyles.

With our skillset - we built a vision for what we wanted to do ourselves and ways we could make a bigger impact by harnessing this energy.


A digital community and podcast of families engaged in and connected to the outdoors.


Hit us up at TheMomentExchange@gmail.com if you have a story to share or are interested in collaborating.