We Bought a Van

In the middle of 2018, we found a van. This was no minivan, sprinter or want-to-be sprinter - this was the original T Van by Mercedes Benz that laid the ground work for sprinters to evolve to what they are today. Sitting comfortably parked down a quiet drive in Freeport, Maine - this 1978 German Fire Truck stood out like the red headed step child. I knew it was our van. But it wasn’t for sale. After boldly walking up to the owner’s house and spending 30 minutes with him to pitch him the vision of our story taking this van to Argentina - he began to imagine what this could do for us and his not for sale stance softened. Within three days we had a deal and our life immediately began to change.

Our first step was to move into the van and put our house on Airbnb to capitalize on the summer tourist season while still working M-F. This meant visiting and staying at local campgrounds, with friends and constantly shuffling the family. This may be some people’s worst nightmare, but for us, we knew we were getting closer to our goal.

When our friend and former co-worker Jeremy Parmley heard of what we were doing, he asked if he could create a film and submit it to the Maine Outdoor Film Festival. We shot this in one afternoon / evening and took home a top 10 finalist in the festival. Let us know what you think!

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