A Photo Story of Northern New Mexico | Santa Fe & Taos

New Mexico is one of those places that yanks at the loose backpack straps in a way that firmly plants and anchors. We felt at home in this land - far from the coastal Maine or Argentina we both grew up in.

They call it the Land of Enchantment but as we learned, the Land of Entrapment for those like us who are drawn to the ,mystical powers of the desert, the hot springs, the towering snow clad mountains and hispanic-american culture stucco’d within the culture, the people and infrastructure.

Santa Fe welcomed us from months on the road with an open heart. It was spring. It was cool - in temperature and it’s attitude. On the first morning an old friend dropped my spare tire on our van door step and within a day we were invited to sweat lodges and into people’s homes randomly - oh the things that happen when you live on the road.

We stayed for a month, migrating from street side urban camping to friends both old and new, up to the ski fields of Taos and Ski Santa Fe and out to some of the local destinations like Diablo Canyon. A week evolved into three and that soon doubled - entrapped just like the others. We left clinging to adobe tiles and turquoise jewels - knowing that we will return for that New Mexican fire.