So We Left

We just did it. We uprooted our small family, exchanging comfort and routine behind for a known, yet unown vision that drove us to near insanity for six months as we prepared for the extreme life change. The intestinal fortitude required to make this severe adjustment was deeper than what Sofi or I had ever imagined, but if you know us, you know that we’ve always been up for self-subscribed torture.


We have many stories up our sleeves from building out the van, moving out of our home, living with parents, mechanical failures, 100+ person send off party planning, overspending, under budgeting, launching Affuera Vida, near divorce, late nights, early mornings – basically anything needed to get us to the finish line including the blood, sweat and tears. Most of these stories are best saved for a night around the campfire, though some we may get to, especially the specifics around the van build. However, this moment feels like a clean slate, as the last six months left little room for documentation, reflection and sharing – only the necessary action to get us to where we are today.


Here. On a random dirt pull out at the southern tip of Chincoteague Island, Maryland, overlooking the channel with nothing but stars overhead and washed up fishing trawlers parked next to us. Did we expect to travel here before we left? Absolutely not. Will we ever come back? Highly unlikely. But this is the life we were seeking. Not one tied to a spot, but tied together in our vessel that can take us anywhere.


So we left. We are now on the journey we worked so unbelievably hard to get to. So tune in, join us and we hope to inspire you to take on the next challenge in your life.

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