Rewilding Parenthood


Building Community


We are the modern family seeking to shed the expectations laid upon us

to live the American dream complete with a white picket fence

We are choosing to raise families with intent

We support alternative education systems

We question authority

We believe and support brands that get us

We’re inspired by meaningful experiences

We travel often and in ways that disrupt the status quo

We are connected to technology in order to leverage what is possible

We believe in bold parenting

We are rewilding OURSELVES and enriching the next generation



We exist to educate and inspire new
families by curating content & experiences
that outfit them for real moments.




Having kids has a tendency to put a damper on the freedom and capacity to lead a bold and inspirational family life.


As parents, we felt and feel this daily, yet have the desire to push ourselves to live closer to our edge and take on the the challenging lifestyle that feels most real to us. Having spoken to and been friends with so many other parents who feel stuck or trapped, we are challenging ourselves to share the stories of families who’ve had the courage to push through these boundaries.


Is a part of the rewilding movement happening across the United States and the world. Launching in spring 2019 we are building a community of engaged families by sharing the inspirational stories of others. Our goal is to become a go to well of education, inspiration and high value content for families seeking to expand their connection to lead bold lifestyles.

Join Us

Parenting in a silo is hard enough as it is. Come, share in our collective knowledge, help us inspire each other to parent more boldly to raise a new generation deeply connected to the outdoors at a time when we need it most.

We are seeking storytellers, adventurous families, road-schoolers, home-schoolers, world-shoolers, sailing families, vanlife families, off the grid families and even families that live a “normal” lifestyle but remain connected to the outdoors through simple rituals. Drop us a line at to share your story.


Seeking Sponsors